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Jul. 5th, 2011

WOW!.. really havent been here for awhile

Its been almost a year since I been sure when the next time I'll be back either...not into divulging all sorts of info on myself, not that I have anything to hide or special going on...just trying to figure whats the best way to be of some good....hmmmm....well...until next time....

Sep. 14th, 2010

Been Awhile

Its been a while since I came here........the J.W.'s are back, asking questions, which is good for me, cause I slacked why to much, and have to get back to the books to refresh my soul.....their main question......what does your religion say why there is suffering in the world?

Jun. 27th, 2010


I'm finally gonna see a Beatle tonight........Ringo and his allstars.......
Part of my B-day much as i love the Beatles.....I would rather have the winning lottery ticket......

Wow! Its been awhile

I didnt realize how long its been since I posted something here........
Wow! Times are definetly changing......

Nov. 7th, 2009

Going Vertical

I, have noticed, since the end of Sept, a major disturbance in the force. It is not only I, but a good number of folks, have said, and realized, something is not right here.... major issues with a whole boat load of folks....

I also, want to dwell apon the Vertical aspects of Asatru, like the Lay and saga of Gunnlod and Odin, that of Sigurd and Sigdrifa, and the ring of fire, and how sometimes disturbances lead to a greater awareness with the Nauthis rune from the rune poem.

Its not just the cycle, ring and spiral, but the bridge of light, Bifrost, where only those who can transform or convert their energy to light, may gain access....

The same is said of Hel, like when Hermod traveled over the bridge seeking after Balder, and was immediately recognized as not one who is typical of that area.....

Going vertical.......
is when the jotuns will attack you, for breaking through the ring pass not, and changing the course of reality and the world.

The well of all wisdom or memory, is seperated from us, as the All father realized by going vertical on the tree.....
and did both, rise and fall......
or died and lived........

Going Vertical,
is when the jotuns will attack you,
it is what they are programed to do.
Enslave conscienceness outside the ring of fire....

not allowing anyone to enter,
where Brunhildr blissfully sleeps....
awaiting the kiss to wake her from her dream.

and then, as in all history, the hero dies.....
awakened though.....
and history alters it course.....
because one has made it out.....

Oct. 17th, 2009

Muppets, Puppets, and the Great Heathen Cycle

At the last Great Conjunction of planets, the Cyrstal shattered, separating into two, the gentle mystics, and the rude power hungry Skeksis.

For a thousand years, did the Skeksis reign. And now, 1000 years later, the Grand Conjunction will return.

Which, the prophesy says, will bring back wholeness to the land, if a Gylfing can restore the cyrstal, or it will keep the land in forever harm by the grip of the evil Skeksis.
Its been close to 30 years since I watched Jim Hensons- The Dark Cyrstal.

Truely unbelievable! What a great piece of work!

I realize, that back then, when it was made, oh, 1980 or 81, we were coming off the late 70's Hobbit craze, and that of Star Wars, but I dont believe I apprieciated the quality of the heathen message of it until I just watched it.

The heathen message I'm refering to, is that of the cycle, the spiral, or the ring.
Time, the movement of the planets, open doorways to events, that happen on this world.

Like the LOTR's trilogy, in The Dark Cyrstal there are no Gods, just different classes of beings, living in harmony with nature, like the gentle mystics, or against nature, which is always being depicted as a desolate world or landscape.

Dont get me wrong, I'm not advocating that the heathen message is one of no gods, that would be foolish.

On my search of what heathenry means to me, is the common thread of a lot of the old sagas and stories, and that is the situation of time, or the cycle, and how it affects the human condition.
Axe age, sword age, wind age, wolf age,
whether it be Stonehenge, or any other structure, like Grottisong or Frothi's mill, or the great Sampo of the Kalavala, our ancestors understood that of the wheel turning, and how winter must come, and spring brings back life.

These earthly patterns, gave them an understanding, to which we see in many cultures which have a similar story or platforms of Sky/Star watching. Almost like a subconscience memory of waiting for some sign or pattern to show of the return. The return of what? you may say....the Gods lived in Heaven (the Sky) the dead lived in Hel (below the earth) and we are stuck in the middle, waiting on time and the great cycle.

The great cycle of what?

Just as our nordic ancestors understood that this universe is alive and self created, the heathen message I have found, which is different from the abrahamic cultures, is that life will go on, on this planet, cause she is a living being.
The Sky god, plays a harmonious role, not a dominating role, and time doesnt end here.

Hence, its up to us, to live in accordence with nature, while we are here stuck in the middle.

There has been alot of hipe recently of the 2012 cycle....
As much as I love end of the world stories and doom and gloom stuff, dont buy into this.... keep your politicians focused, on good things....

Just as Cortez used the prophecy against the Incas, or was it the Aztecs, the Skeksis in this world, are gonna use this story of 2012 to collapse the situation for the one world gov tyrannical power thing....

Hopefully the gentle mystics, have found a Gylfing to repair the situation, and bring this place back to wholeness.
The Dark Crystal..... a must see, all ten parts.

Oct. 10th, 2009


Just when you thought you seen it all....

Aug. 1st, 2009


It was also a chance to crack a bunch of jokes.

"I'm gonna reveal a secret to you," he told reporters. "There's a monolith on (Mars' moon) Phobos. It's about 15 meters high. And aliens put it there before they came to Egypt to build the pyramids." Like a good comic, Aldrin, 79, kept a straight face - until they laughed.

Read more:

Jul. 29th, 2009

Buzz Aldrin Reveals Existence of Monolith on Mars Moon

Jul. 26th, 2009


Some people like sports, you know, baseball, soccer, football, can tell you all about the players, their stats, how much their contract is for, ect.
Its their passion, even to the point of joining a "fantasy sport" league at work or something.

I can understand that, and enjoy talking about those topics also, but its not my passion.
My passion, seems to be more alternative minded, non-mainstream issues, that are a tad more serious then if/should Barry Bonds be allowed into the BB Hall of Fame.

Part of that passion, has led me to this guys information, which at first glance is like, ya, so what?
A more detailed look at this info can end up being hugh.

There are three parts to this info, much of it is long reading, but easy reading. The guy does a good job explaining in easy terms what is actually going on. He places some of this info unfortunetly in a christian context, but once your beyond that, his info is quite revealing.

His basic premise is, that the stars Beetle juice and Antaries has begun the process of what happens when stars go supernova, and what that means to us on the Earth.

Beetle Juice is 400 light years away, and Antares 600 light years away. So, if the stars are showing countdown signs, then they may have already gone through the process, and we wont know untill the "flash" from the imploding star lights up the sky, which happened 400 to 600 years ago.

Some of the senerios he comes up with are similar of the Tunguska event in Russia from 1908, and the Yukatan dinosaur killer 65 million years ago.

What really caught my attention, is his constant reference to maybe as a species, we can survive this event by moving to another planet.
And this is where all these thoughts came rushing in, as history repeating itself.

I have a firm belief, and only subjective proof, that this did happen before, and who we are as a people are born out of an event like this.

If a catastrophic stellar event was to take place, and wipe out most humans on the planet, and some people were able to scurry away to another planet, like mars lets say, or the International Space Station,and come back at another time, it would be like gods coming to earth from the heavens.

I firmly believe that whom we call Odin, is was an actually white guy, who infused his advanced or divine DNA into organic matter which brought us into existence as a people, with a story.

So, whom we call god(with little g)was actually us. I firmly believe this.
And I believe, that history may be repeating itself.

With all the crazy stuff going on right now, looking back at the past 100 years, one can say, Holy Smokes!
The advancements in technology in just 100 years are mind blowing.

Rockets, and high tech computers, and medical advancements......and alot of that happened only 50 years ago, so much came out of WWII, its unbeleivable....

We are still using ideas and technology that Hitler and the
nazi's put in motion in our present day.

I know that may be hard for some, but it is because of the Nazi scientists, that we our celebrating our 40th anniverary of the Moon landing.

And those old enough, will remember the joke and jest that was said back then, that we got to the moon before the Russians, because our captured German scientists were better then their captured German scientists.

The Germans of that era tapped into something, something extra ordinary, and maybe what they tapped into was Odin.

And maybe, Odin God (with capital G),
is infusing the mind of man, with all this technology, for the purposes of saving it.

All father is always trying to stave off Ragnarock, and all this technology may be the ticket out.

All this may be excelerating because of a catastrophic event that we have no control over.
Have you wondered lately, why everybody and their brother wants to go to the moon.

I think, that we, as homo sapiens, will travel to another place, another planet in the very near future, and if this guy is correct, and these massive massive stars go supernova, and its energy waves head towards the earth, we will be able to return after the event, just as before, and repopulate the earth.

And be greeted as gods.

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